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Smart Security

Smarter security. Better control.

The ADT Command smart home security touchpad not only provides real protection for the things you value most, but also really smart, really simple integration and control of your smart security and home automation devices.

HD Video Security

Look in on your home or see who’s at your front door from virtually anywhere with clear HD video.

Smart Home Automation

Create automations for different times of day and situations, and even use geo-fencing technology to trigger smart devices like lights and thermostats.

Remote Control

Control smart devices like lights, thermostats, door locks and more remotely using your smartphone and the ADT app.

Touchscreen Keypad

Use the intuitive, wireless touchscreen keypad to open up a world of smart home capabilities for you and your family.

Voice Control Integration

Integrate your ADT system with a smart home platform like Hey Google for easy voice control within your home.

Advanced Encryption Technology

Rest easy knowing ADT helps protect your privacy with the latest two-way encryption technology* for a more secure connection with your devices. *Two-way encryption not compatible with non-SiX™ devices

ADT Command works with your favorite devices

Take control when you’re away

The ADT mobile app takes the comforts – and comfort – of home you get with the ADT Command platform, and puts it in the palm of your hand. You’ll have remote access and control of your smart security and home automation system from virtually anywhere.

Create a more welcoming home

With the Control app, you can create one-tap Scenes for automations that adjust your system at different times of day. For instance, you can set up a Scene that adjusts your thermostat and turns on lights so your home is even more welcoming when you arrive. You can even use geo-fencing technology to open your garage and disarm your system when you pull in the driveway.

Lights, cameras, actions: your home – made smarter

The ADT Command touchscreen is just the start – and where everything starts, stops and adjusts. Add indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras, smart lights, locks and thermostats – even a garage door controller – and control all of them from your touchscreen and the ADT mobile app.

Protection you can trust from the leader in smart home security

Whether you’re home or away, we make smart simple. With an ADT Smart Home Security System and the ADT mobile app, you have remote access and control of your devices – everything from lights, locks, and thermostats, to your garage door, cameras, and, of course, your security system.

Voice integration is a snap

  • Integrate your ADT system with Google Assistant through the Google Home app
  • Use voice commands to control your security and smart devices
  • Just say “Hey Google” to arm or disarm your system
  • Control your lights, locks, thermostat and more

Control your ADT system with your voice

ADT works with Hey Google for voice control of your connected ADT security system and your ADT-compatible devices like smart lights and thermostats. Try saying “Hey Google” and one of these commands: “Set my security to Away (or Stay)”, “Disarm my system”, “Lock the front door (or unlock it)”, “Turn on the hall lights”

Simple control of your ADT system

Our 2×16 control panel offers a simple, easy-to-use design to control your security system.

  • Shows system status at a glance
  • Quickly arms your system with the touch of a button
  • Call for help in an emergency with a single button press

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